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Types of Wood

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About Our Fine Products
Each case is meticulously hand made to order and is available in the finest half inch Baltic Birch or Solid Oak. Each case also has a quarter inch Luan back panel. The shelves on all the cases are not only fastened on each side but also along the back. This will give your case superior strength. 

They are all hand sanded and are offered in a Golden or Medium Brown hand rubbed oil finish. One can also leave your case Unfinished which is the lightest color.  Every case is shipped fully assembled. 

The cases are all wall mountable and are stackable. (However we do not recommend stacking more than two large or three of the smaller CD-50 or CD-100 cases high.) They come complete with free wall mounting hardware and instructions. All cases have a modular design.

Choice of Wood

Baltic Birch is a very strong multi ply material that consists of 9 layers. The grain pattern of Birch is not as distinctive as Oak but it is similar to Maple in color and the multi layer construction on the edge is quite attractive. Baltic Birch is also very economical and has become quite popular since we first introduced it in early 1998.

This is one of the most popular furniture woods in the US today. Oak has a distinctive open grain pattern and a rich feeling. Oak also looks good in it's natural state, which is a light or somewhat blond color. Solid Oak will also be physically the heaviest material.  

Would you like to finish your case yourself and add your own personal touch? All cases are also offered UNFINISHED. The unfinished cases will be hand sanded and completely ready for a finish or you may simply leave them as is. 

This will raise your case 4 inches to a better viewing height and will match the height of most cabinetry. For shipping purposes, the bases are shipped un-attached from the case. However they are pre-assembled before shipping thus all holes will be pre drilled making it very easy to attach and ensure a good fit. All mounting directions and hardware are included. ​

This is the natural Unfinished  Baltic Birch and Solid Oak. 
​                                                 Types of Finish
      The top is Solid Oak and the bottom is the Baltic Birch.
           L to R =  Unfinished.  Golden.  Medium Brown.