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We're sorry, but due to unforeseen circumstances, we are no longer accepting orders at this time. This may change in the future, but for now we are unable to do so. Thank you for your patronage.   JK​

Feel free to order by EMAIL Jim@ujws.com  or call our help/order line at 859-409-5494 anytime.  Just tell me what you would like and we will work out the payment details over the phone as we do not have secure on line ordering at this time.  Your card will NOT be run until the day before shipment.

We gladly accept Visa, Master Card or Paypal (with no extra fees) check or money order.  If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call or email.  All prices INCLUDE S & H.  Delivery is about 2-4 weeks. 

Choice of Wood and Finish:  Baltic Birch or Solid Oak. The cases are all hand sanded and finished with your choice of a Golden or Medium Brown hand rubbed oil finish. You also have the option to leave your case Unfinished, which is the lightest color.  All Unfinished cases are completely hand sanded and ready for you to add your personal touch or simply leave them as is.  Thank You.

NOTE AS OF 1/2016:   Because of the ongoing rise in shipping costs (and we do NOT want to pass this cost onto the customer), we no longer can ship any case taller than 24" high. However you can stack the cases to make a taller "case" and increase your storage capacity. The cases can be attached from the back, which will make them more secure for stacking ,with simple hardware included free with your order. 

Note:  The model number of the case, is how many units it will hold. Example: CD-100  Holds about 100 CD's.
Album Cases

                                                                                  Baltic Birch

LP- 65 ........13.5H x 14W x 13 Long                                         69.00

LP- 85 .........13.5H x 14W x 17 Long                                         75.00

LP - 105 .....13.5H x 14W x 21 Long                                          79.00

Note: The Album Cases are only available in Baltic Birch at this time.


CD Cases

                                                                                                       Baltic Birch                      Solid Oak

CD-50                                                                                                  49.00                             59.00
(1 row/50 6.5H X 23W X 6 DEEP)

CD-100                                                                                                69.00                             85.00
(2 rows/50 - 12.5H X 23W X 6 DEEP)

CD-150                                                                                                89.00                             115.00 
(3 rows/50 - 18 1/2H X 23W X 6 DEEP) 
CD-250                                                                                                135.00                           199.00  
(5 rows/50 - 30 1/2H X 23W X 6 DEEP) 

CD-300                                                                                                169.00                           229.00 
(6 rows/50 - 36 1/2H X 23W X 6 DEEP) 

CD-350                                                                                                189.00                           259.00 
(7 rows/50 - 42 1/2H X 23W X 6 DEEP) 

​​                                                                                  Video/DVD Cases 

  ​                                                                                                          Baltic Birch                       Solid Oak

DVD-75                                                                                                 89.00                              109.00 
(2 rows/38 - 19H x 23W x 6 Deep) 
DVD-114                                                                                              125.00                             169.00 
(3 rows/38 - 28 1/4 x 23W x 6 Deep) 

DVD-152                                                                                              175.00                             209.00 
(4 rows/38 - 37 1/2 x 23W x 6 Deep) 

​                                                                           CD/DVD Combo Cases 

                                                                                                         Baltic Birch                   Solid Oak

CD/DVD-2.1                                                                                         99.00                          125.00
(2 rows CD/1 row DVD ..... 22H x 23W x 6 Deep) 

CD/DVD-3.2                                                                                         165.00                        229.00 
(3 rows CD/2 rows DVD - 37H x 23W x 6 Deep) 

CD/DVD-5.1                                                                                         189.00                        249.00 
(5 rows CD/1 rows DVD - 39 3/4 H x 23W x 6 Deep) 

Note: Each row on the CD/DVD cases hold about 50 CD's and 38 DVD's

Also remember all the cases BELOW the red line are over 24" high and we are unable to ship these cases. Because we have shipped these cases in past, I have simply left them on the price list for reference.


Toe Kick Base

4" Toe Kick Base            39.00  

This will raise the bottom of the CD/DVD case 4 inches to a better viewing height.   For shipping purposes, the bases are shipped un-attached from the case. 

However, they ARE pre-assembled to the case before shipping. Thus all the holes will be pre drilled making it easy to attach and ensure a good fit. All mounting hardware is included.  NOTE: The base for ALL the cases work best on a flat surface such as a hardwood floor. 


CHOICE OF FINISH Your case includes your choice of finish:  Golden or a Medium Brown hand rubbed oil finish.   Or you can Also order your case UNFINISHED. 


Any CD/DVD case subtract   -10.00
Any Album case subtract       -15.00


MOUNTING HARDWARE INCLUDED We have found that the plastic anchors work best in most all situations. We now include free anchors and screws with all CD/DVD cases. 

VISA/MASTERCARD are always welcome. Email or call for more information or to place an order  859-409-5494. Your satisfaction is always guaranteed!!! 

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your case, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund!  Less S + H fees. 

REMEMBER all prices INCLUDE shipping and handling fees.  2-4 week delivery.

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